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    Warwick Bridge Corn Mill is at the heart of our community. With a journey steeped in history and it's heritage dating back to the mid 12th century. You will surely find something that interests you.


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    Discover Warwick Bridge Corn Mill

    Explore the heritage of our Corn Mill and see the History behind it


  • Tours Available

    Tours Available

    Explore the Mill. Guided tours are available on Sundays and Thursdays. See the Events page for dates and times.


  • Do you want to be a Miller

    Do you want to be a Miller

    Would you like the opportunity to be a Miller? You can come in and help Karen our Miller to set up the mill, start the wheel and then grind your own bag of flour. Wednesday afternoons £50 per person (2 people per course) For more details and to book email secretary@wbcornmill.co.uk or text 07876417695.

  • Bakery


    Our onsite bakery uses our own flour to produce a range of breads, traybakes, savouries and cakes.


Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Very Strong White

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Very Strong White

The ultimate flour for long fermentation baking, this Very Strong White has been stone ground and dressed from organically grown Paragon wheat sourced from Shropshire. High in protein 12.94% and Hagberg of 331, this well balanced flour has superb gluten strength and ensures breads with a higher rise and excellent texture. Perfect for blending with other flours such as rye and wholemeal to give rounder loaves.

ALLERGEN wheat Gluten.

Seeded White Loaf

First make a sponge:

130g water

3g yeast

130g Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Very Strong White

Mix together thoroughly in a bowl, cover and leave overnight.

Soak 30g mixed seeds in 30ml water.

Make the dough:

120g Warm Water

190g Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Very Strong White

110g Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Light Rye

7g salt

250gm Sponge

60gm soaked mixed seeds

Mix all ingredients together, turn out onto a floured surface and knead thoroughly.

Cover the dough and leave to prove in a warm place for 2 hours.

Shape the dough into a bloomer, roll the loaf in dry seeds and place in a floured bowl/proving basket. Leave to rest for 1 hour

Bake on a tray/stone at 220degC/220degC Fan/425degF/Gas7 for 15-20 minutes.

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Very Strong White