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    Warwick Bridge Corn Mill is at the heart of our community. With a journey steeped in history and it's heritage dating back to the mid 12th century. You will surely find something that interests you.


  • Discover

    Discover Warwick Bridge Corn Mill

    Explore the heritage of our Corn Mill and see the History behind it


  • Tours Available

    Tours Available

    Explore the Mill. Guided tours are available on Sundays and Thursdays. See the Events page for dates and times.


  • Do you want to be a Miller

    Do you want to be a Miller

    Would you like the opportunity to be a Miller? You can come in and help Karen our Miller to set up the mill, start the wheel and then grind your own bag of flour. Wednesday afternoons £50 per person (2 people per course) For more details and to book email secretary@wbcornmill.co.uk or text 07876417695.

  • Bakery


    Our onsite bakery uses our own flour to produce a range of breads, traybakes, savouries and cakes.


Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Farmhouse White Flour

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Farmhouse White Flour

A coarser white flour to give a more textured loaf

Lighter than 100% wholemeal with a rich, nutty flavour and plenty of natural fibre. Farmhouse White is a 15.3% high protein flour stone ground from Northumberland's Skyfall winter wheat with more texture and a distinct taste profile compared to other white flours. The milled meal is put through our dresser using a less fine sieve ensuring small particles of bran and coarser particles of white flour. In recipes for breads and rolls, cakes and pastries with a lighter touch than wholemeal with bags of flavour and extra nutritional goodness. 

ALLERGEN Wheat Gluten


Farmhouse white loaf using basic wholewheat program

INGREDIENTS                                          QUANTITY

Yeast                                                                 1 tsp

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Farmhouse White    500g

Sugar                                                                 1.5 tsp

Butter/Oil                                                            25g

Salt                                                                      1.25 tsp

Water                                                                   340 ml

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill Farmhouse White Flour