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Cascade Repair

Cascade Repair15th July 2023

Repairs have been carried out to the head race overflow.

The overflow for the headrace which allows excess water to escape after excessive rain and down part of which the water is diverted when the mill is not being used was showing signs of its age. Built from sandstone blocks a number of these had broken up and been lost from the surface and a number were showing lamination and were starting to break up. the gaps in the stonework were allowing plants to colonise the cascade and this was causing further damage.

Last week contractors have replaced the missing stones and those that were deteriorating on the lower part of the cascade after the mill volunteers had cleared this years vegetation growth from it.

Cascade cleared of vegetation, showing damaged and missing stones

The Cascade with the years growth of vegetation cleared off showing damaged and lost stones.


The repaired cascade with the coping stones on the side re-laid. A new fence has been built along the edge.

Accessing the cascade has meant the garden area has been churned up. This is a blessing in disguise, it allows us to redevelop the area.

The garden area ready for re-devlopment 

If you feel you would like to help us re-develop this area please get in touch all help will be greatly accepted. email info@warwickbridgecornmill.co.uk