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    Flour Production Underway!

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Meet the Team

Karen Mason

Karen Mason

Karen Mason is our miller, a Cumbrian from the South of the County who has resided in Cumbria all her life apart from a brief period while studying archaeology at Cardiff University. The interest in milling began in 2014 when Heron Mill, near Milnthorpe, had just been restored. She began to volunteer as a tour guide at the mill, moving on to milling demonstrations for visitors as she became familiar with the equipment and its workings. Karen’s passion for milling had begun! Her experience there was all voluntary and Karen also spent time volunteering at Eskdale Mill, supplementing her income with occasional archaeological excavations, working on the family farm, helping with milking the cows and doing some work for the National Parks Authority. Karen’s skills in learning how to ‘listen’ to a mill were being honed all the time. She describes how important it is to understand the different noises of the moving parts, the water, belts, cogs, the mill stones, the damsel (the part that sprinkles the grain onto the stones) and others all help in running the wheel effectively and efficiently. It really makes the mill come alive. She will be leading organised tours of the mill and it is well worth booking a visit or attending one of our Open Days. Karen first came to our Mill as a volunteer from Heron Mill to help clear the ivy from the derelict building before restoration began. She liked the look of it! When NECT, now Cultura, advertised for a miller to assist in the restoration and running of Warwick Bridge Corn Mill, she was delighted to apply for and be offered the job. Having spent over a year recording, archiving and photographing the various bits of the building and assisting in its restoration she is now excited that it has been brought back to life and is eager to see it producing quality flour on a regular basis. It has been a long and sometimes challenging process and when asked how she felt about the mill finally being ready for flour production, her comment was ‘At last!’