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    Flour Production Underway!

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    Warwick Bridge Corn Mill is at the heart of our community. With a journey steeped in history and it's heritage dating back to the mid 12th century. You will surely find something that interests you.


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Meet the Team

Graham Brooks

Graham Brooks

Graham moved to the Carlisle area in the early 1980s for work and spent 24 years running a small business in the area before selling it on in 2013. He has worked part time since then whilst increasing his involvement in a number of volunteering activities. He has always had an interest in industrial and local history, has served on the committee of the Cumbria Industrial History Society for over 25 years as the Editor and recently as Vice Chairman and on the Industrial Archaeology Committee of the Cumberland and Westmorland Archaeology and Antiquarian Society as secretary for 20 years. Other commitments include regularly volunteering with the Lake District National Parks Archaeology volunteers and the Nenthead Mines Conservation Trust. Having driven passed the Corn Mill nearly every day and having watched it deteriorate over the past 30 years the opportunity has arisen to see the mill back in good condition and restored to working order and Graham felt he had something to offer to help make the mill a success.