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    Want to get involved with the Mill? Interested in the success of the project? Well here’s your opportunity to invest with the Warwick Bridge Corn Mill. We still have a limited amount of shares available.....


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    See how we got started

    Warwick Bridge Corn Mill is at the heart of our community. With a journey steeped in history and it's heritage dating back to the mid 12th century. You will surely find something that interests you.


  • Heritage Open Days 2020

    Heritage Open Days 2020

    Visit us for our open days on Wednesday 16 and Sunday 20 September


  • Flour Dresser and Ovens installed!

    Flour Dresser and Ovens installed!

    Latest News from Warwick Bridge Corn Mill


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    Discover Warwick Bridge Corn Mill

    Explore the heritage of our Corn Mill and see the History behind it


HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 16 and 20 September

HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 16 and 20 September11th September 2020

Come and visit WARWICK BRIDGE CORN MILL as we get ready for full production

Heritage Open Days are the opportunity for local people across England to to celebrate their places, history, and communities. As part of Heritage Open Days this year , Warwick Bridge Corn Mill are holding 2 open days

Guided Mill tours will be conducted for the public on Wednesday 16th September and Sunday 20th September between 10am and 4pm both days. We will be complying with Government COVID19 rules for the tours and ask that visitors please bring a face mask.

There is no need to book. Look forward to seeing you at the Mill.