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    Warwick Bridge Corn Mill is at the heart of our community. With a journey steeped in history and it's heritage dating back to the mid 12th century. You will surely find something that interests you.




So close to achieving our target!

With pledges and match funding support offered, the minimum target of £90,000 is attainable, but we  are not quite there yet.  The Community Share Booster Programme have offered to match shares purchased and as at Monday this week the total purchases were £43,000, so we need a further £2,000 to meet our minimum target. As we are so close the Board have agreed to extend the offer period for another few weeks. Anyone interested in contributing to this community venture who has not done so yet, or wishes to purchase additional shares now has until 10th February 2020 to invest.  Once we reach our minimum target we can proceed with the project as outlined in the Business Plan but can keep the Share Offer open until our higher target is achieved. After confirming that the project can go ahead we will start the task of issuing share certificates, but please be patient with us as we go through this process.

Shares cost £100 each and multiple shares can be purchased through the website or by postal application. Should you know of anyone interested please encourage them to do so. Should you be a shareholder wish to purchase any additional shares yourself that too is possible. We always knew this was an ambitious target, but have been amazed at the response of the local community and wider heritage interest groups. We are so close to achieving our initial goals and we hope this extension will provide the impetus to get us over the line and make this amazing project a reality.